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Not just a typical dance studio, Danspiration Center, Inc. will offer three different components of dance; Dance Education, Therapeutic Dance and Liturgical Dance: all tailored to the needs of the individual.


DANCE EDUCATION consists of technical and performance training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and Modern dance, and Creative Movement for the purpose of learning and developing technique beginning with age three to adult. The dance student will be able to continue dance training after receiving a solid technical foundation from Danspiration Center, Inc. to continue toward professional aspirations. The student may also receive training at the Danspiration Center that will prepare him/her to eventually train others in dance, through the Dance Student Assistant program.


THERAPEUTIC DANCE is the application of dance/movement technique for the purpose of therapeutic intervention. This class is designed for the students who want to increase their body/self image, impulse control, range of motion and movement repertoire. The individual or group will have a particular goal or theme to work towards achieving within the confines of the group sessions. Ultimately the benefits of the therapeutic dance sessions will build each individual's confidence, hence develop a sense of growth and accomplishment that transfers over into productive life situations. Dance/Movement interventions will be utilized to address the physical and emotional needs of the client. This may include, for example, a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD or ADHD), or an elderly adult who requires a need to increase his/her range of motion.


LITURGICAL DANCE is the Dance for the Church. Liturgical is a derivative of the word 'Liturgy; meaning a set form of worship'. 'Dance' is an expression using bodily movements. Liturgical Dance is using the dance as a vehicle to minister the Word of God. The Liturgical Dance class will be offered to learn how to use Ballet, Tap, Modern dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Step and Mimi dance for the purpose of ministry. There will also be Liturgical Dance Ministry classes offered to train individuals and groups on how to start/use dance ministry in their own churches.



- Praise Dance; dance of praise and honor to God

- Worship Dance; dance of worship, adoration and deep reverence and intimacy with God- Prophetic Dance; dance unto God as the Holy Spirit leads

- Celebration Dance; dance of celebration (done to celebrate weddings, births, etc.)- Trevail Dance; dance of deep sorrow and cry out to God

- Warfare Dance; dance of warring between spiritual forces- Biblical Dance; dance that tells stories of the Bible and interprets scripture.

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